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Medical Services for Your Travel

Marketown Health offers a complete range of vaccines and other requirements for travelers.  Due to our membership of the International Travel Medicine Society, we can provide up-to-date travel health information. 

When booking a travel consultation you will be asked to bring information on your travel plans, prior immunisations and medical history.  For a particular service you may need to book with a particular and experienced doctor in the area of travel health.

Travel medicine is more than just a having a few injections.  Travel medicine is a specialist service we focus on at Marketown Health.  Your doctor will need to carefully consider your medical history, lifestyle, present state of health, likely itinerary and type of accommodation. 

Marketown Health is an accredited Practice which has experience in providing travel medicine advice and vaccinations for over 20 years. The fully trained medical staff at Marketown Health are members of the International Travel Medicine Society, which gives us access to up to date travel information as conditions change in other countries.

Marketown Health’s experts can provide:

  • Immunisations for travellers
  • Up to date information about Zika virus.

Marketown Health provides travel medical services to the general public as well as corporations looking to safeguard their international travelling work force.

We offer a complete range of vaccinations and other requirements for travelers.

Marketown Health is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.  Our service provides travel information and preventative care to the general public as well as commercial organisations.