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Health for work

Medical Services for Your Work

Services including medical surveillance for those working with hazardous substances, medical assessments for rail workers, and worker’s compensation injury treatment are only some of the services offered to keep workers healthy. Marketown Health also offers quality care services to national and local companies, covering health monitoring and preventive medicine.

Viruses can spread quickly in industries with high level of human contact. Annual vaccinations are essential to combat the various strains of influenza which present each season.

Marketown Health holds an annual influenza immunisation clinic beginning around March/April each year. This is also available on a corporate level. Please enquire with reception who can advise you of the commencement dates and available booking times.

  • On site clinics
  • Serology

Managing workers compensation injury with the following services available:

  • Triage of injuries
  • Managing work-related illness or injury
  • Assessment of work capacity
  • Workcover Certificates issued
  • Communication with the Employer, Insurance Companies, Case Managers and Rehabilitation providers
  • An aim to assist the employee’s recovery to return to pre-injury duties in the shortest timeframe possible

Instant assessment offers a fast response time, giving the prospective   employer results to determine if the employee is fit for duty.

  • Audiometry screening
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • ECG
  • Musculoskeletal assessments – Assessed range of movement, reflexes and pathological change
    • Spine, Flexion, Extension, Lateral
    • Upper Limb, Shoulder, Elbow, Hands
    • Lower Limb, Hips, Knees, Ankles
    • Ability to Squat, Duck Walk, Balance
    • As needed more detailed neurological targetec neurological checks – eg. foot sensation in diabetics

Examples many of our medicals are defined by government recommendations – see https://www.safework

  • Lead exposure
  • Asbestos
  • Silica and mining
  • Chromium / Cadmium
  • Solvents

Examination and Certification in accordance with the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers.